E-Commerce System Flow Chart E-commerce shopping cart structure

The following is an illustrative flow chart of the E-commerce shopping cart structure. Shopping Cart

The following is an illustrative flow chart of the E-commerce shopping cart structure. Shopping Cart will efficiently process and charge buyer online orders - with highly versatile functionality and numerous features not found in most web shopping carts. The process begins with the cart's Front Page, created for easy and convenient shopping.

To Run a e-commerce business you need a website with shopping cart system and payment gateway, there is serveral E-commerce Payment Gateway Available in Malaysia.

onnline payment process flow

Online Payment Process Flow

  1. Customer purchase products on Merchant's e-commerce website.
  2. Ecommerce website send the info (products code & amount to payment gateway service provider
  3. Payment gateway process the payment with the card Association with customer's bank account.
  4. After settle the payment, the merchant will get the funds transfer from Payment Gateway

E-commerce System Flow Cart

  • Customized Front Page
  • Product Searches
  • Powerful search buttons can be placed anywhere on your site, or the cart's web pages.
  • Product Category Selection or Product Search
  • Select Items (Add to Cart)
  • Temporary Order File
  • Continue Shopping" can be selected at any point; or return later if interrupted.
  • Check Out Button Clicked
  • Customer enters ID, or Billing / Shipping Information
  • Customer Data File in Database
  • Customer and Order information are tracked without using cookies.
  • Accurate Shipping Rates or Store Defined Shipping Charges
  • Poslaju/ Skynet
  • Charges are retrieved direct from the shipping companies if required.
  • Final Order Acceptance
  • Tracking Data Bases
  • All data storage is downloadable for local updates and management using your browser.
  • Credit Card Processor or Offline Processing,
  • Email Customer Invoice via Email notification
  • Sellers Invoice
  • Charge Receipt
  • Invoices and charge slips are automatically sent to the customer and store owner.

e-commerce system flow chart

E-commerce System Flow diagram design by Entertop.com.my

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